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Google hotel services

Google hotel services

Hotel campaigns let you bid for hotel ads that appear when a traveler searches for a hotel on Search or Maps. These ads appear in a hotel booking module that can show photos of the hotel, amenities, prices, and a link to book the hotel.

Getting started

As ads are dynamic, you’ll need to provide, or work with an integration partner who provides, the following:

  • Hotel list (the hotels you want to advertise)
  • Prices (an up-to-date set of prices for different itineraries)
  • Landing pages (pages on your website that users arrive at when clicking on your ads)

The above items are managed in a Hotel Center account, which you will link to your Google Ads account in order to run hotel campaigns and manage your budget, campaigns, ad groups, hotel groups, bids, and reporting. If you don’t have a Hotel Center account, we will do it for you.


  • Attract travelers who are actively looking for a hotel in a particular area. Ads contain your company’s name, hotel name, price, and text callouts to highlight the unique benefits of booking through your site.
  • Tailor a hotel’s prices by a hotel’s availability and traveler itineraries.
  • Send customers to a website to book, or allow them to book on Google.
  • Pay for an ad only when someone books a hotel, or fine-tune your bidding by factors such as device type, the traveler’s country, or length of stay.

Where your ads appear

After someone searches for a hotel on Google Search or Maps, they’ll see a hotel search module with hotel photos, names, prices, and a map. When they select a hotel, they’ll see up-to-date prices and links to book that hotel for the dates and number of guests they select.

Campaigns and budgeting

With hotel campaigns, you set specific budgets and can reach travelers based on their country of residence and the device they’re using. Within a campaign, ad groups let you set specific bid adjustments based on the traveler’s itinerary.

Ad Ranking

Ad ranking is determined by an auction in which Google considers partner bids and the quality of the ad. Factors that impact an ad’s quality include but may not be limited to the accuracy of the partner’s prices and how well the ad addresses the user’s need.